About us

 Legacy Of Micron

“Micron ” means one-millionth of a meter, but we are the total opposite of that, we are everywhere. From MCBs to switches and sockets, you will find Micron playing a vital role in your daily electrical needs. Our founder, Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal, knew that electricity fluctuation was one of the significant problems, and there was a need for reliable switchgear to protect the home from short circuits, electrical shocks and fire.
Thus, our founder came up with the idea of Micron in 1989, a company that provides safe Switchgear & Protection devices, LED Lighting and Modular Accessories to Indian homes and Industries. “The safety of your home is Micron’s responsibility,” The company stands on its motto to deliver top-notch electrical goods to both Indian industries and Homes.

Our Way Of Thinking

Since its inception, the company is continually trying to make switchgear and protection devices easily accessible to India’s common man for the safety of their loved ones. Besides manufacturing Switchgears and Protection devices, the company also focuses on making LED Lighting and Modular Accessories.
Over the years, the company has put much effort into its research and development. To come out at the top of the switchgear manufacturing competition.
Quality over quantity is the first on the list of testing attributes of the manufacturing line. Besides, the company works tremendously to upgrade the technology and modernize the manufacturing of the equipments. As a result, all the products meet a high standard of quality and service. Micron always tries to deliver the best of the products in the market. The company has 2 state of the art test labs where all the products go through rigorous testing to ensure the material stands on all the security that the company promises to its customers.
By 2025 India will surpass China in terms of population; thus, propelling the country’s power market. As a result, we at Micron are always working to develop new electrical equipment designed internally in our technical department. The company operates a state of the art manufacturing facility in Delhi spread over 20000 sq ft. Our engineers and technicians are always searching for new innovative ideas to improve our current lineup of switchgears and develop new models. Micron is both a professional and reliable partner, and our development methods meet competitive international standards.
The R & D labs are equipped with the latest machinery that keeps active research in electrical to find the best way possible to manufacture all the products efficiently and environment-friendly. It’s been 33 years since the first-ever switchgear came out from the manufacturing plant of Micron. Since then, the company has sold millions of electrical equipment.
Thus, making Indian homes much safer and giving people a sound sleep in the night. The sheer will to help his countrymen led our founder to such a long and successful journey. In which top peers in the industry nationwide have recognized him and the company.

The Mission

To keep pace with today’s fast-growing, innovative business climate, we strive to remain on the cutting edge of Switchgears and Modular products by manufacturing reliable solutions for the utmost customer satisfaction. To achieve the pole position in the market, we strive towards providing high-quality electrical equipment to India’s people. Our motto is to build strategic long term partnerships with our customers. Our equipment will stand the test of time, and your praise will share our success story.

Your Problems Our Solution

At Micron, we are the pioneers who brought switchgear to the Indian market and made Indian homes light-up LED lighting. Our sound knowledge of the field allows us to be a great helping hand for our clients and customers in every aspect of the job from start to finish.

1. Switchgears and Protection Devices

Switchgear are a more generalised term that combines both the protective control and metering types of equipment. Switchgear can be different depending on the type of equipment you are using it for protection. Micron provides both commercial and residential switchgear, including MCB’S, ISOLATORS, RCCB, MCCB, ON LOAD CHANGEOVER, BUS BAR.
The switchgear provided by Micron comes with a lower operating cost, along with easier maintenance and durability. All the switchgear meet ROHS compliance defined by European Standard. Likewise, the protection devices such as MCBs consume less power and have lower Watt Loss value in addition to positive isolation.
The MCBs, isolators, load changeover, and other Switchgear devices are made of fire resistant engineered plastic to ensure protection against heating and strong impact.

2. LED Lighting

LED lights are way better than incandescent bulbs and CFLs. Micron LEDs only emit their light in a specific direction. As a result, there is no requirement of installing diffusers and reflectors in the housing to trap the light. The LEDs manufactured in Micron’s state of the art factory produce 1 7% of visible light and use high thermal conductivity to remove heat from the junction of LED, resulting in longer life and higher efficiency.
Micron currently produces LED bulbs, Tube lights, Panel Surface Lights, COB Downlight, Flood Lights, and Street Lights. All of these are available for installation in different home architectures and significant industrial settings where these lights are under heavy usage for hours. While still managing to keep power consumption to the minimum and saving money in electricity bills.

3. Modular Accessories

Micron has got you covered from power strips to surface boxes to module plates when it comes to modular accessories. They are safe and built to withstand harsh usage daily. At Micron, the researchers are always looking to make products user friendly and make them go through stress tests to measure durability.
Micron modular accessories are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and come with all the necessary ticks on the list rules and regulations determined by central electricity authority regulations. You get a sturdy design, safety, durability, and ergonomic engineering all in one package with Micron modular accessories.